Anita Reed Dean

Balanced Touch is the office of Anita Reed Dean, Licensed Massage Therapist.  Anita Reed Dean is a licensed massage therapist who brings expertise, compassion and thousands of hours of hands-on experience to an extraordinary therapeutic practice. Utilizing Tina Sohn’s’ AMMA® oriental therapy as well as traditional western massage techniques, Reflexology, CORE Myofascial Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Personal Attunement she creates in her work a profound sense of physical and spiritual well-being. By incorporating these techniques on a case-by-case basis, each treatment becomes a personal experience, designed specifically for the individual and tailored to restore balance and peace.

Anita’s experience ranges from stress management and conventional therapeutic massage to specific medically related complaints. Where medical issues exist; she works in tandem with other professionals, utilizing massage as well as other complimentary therapeutic modalities to provide support. Taking into account the patient’s background and concerns, specific complaints are analyzed and addressed and a treatment designed that will most effectively and efficiently bring relief. Diet, lifestyle, exercise and emotional issues often have a direct impact on health. With this is mind, compassionate attention is paid to each and every unique situation. An extensive array of print and electronic resources is available and every attempt is made to provide help and information for the patient.

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